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Since the establishment of Caboolture Disability Indoor Cricket Inc, in 2006, our organisation has welcomed more cricketers with disabilities, showing an increased number enquires & persons attending regular training sessions with us.

With more participation, this would make more opportunities for people with a disability to participate in an safe & inclusive environment   .                                                                                          Contact Us.

On an individual level, people with a disability may face a number of additional barriers to participation in sport compared with people without a disability.


Some of common barriers include:

Lack of early experiences in sport (this varies between individuals and whether a disability is from birth or acquired later in life)

Lack of understanding and awareness of how to include people with a disability in sport

Limited opportunities and programs for participation, training and competition

Lack of accessible facilities.

Limited access to information and resources

During training sessions, we will empower the participates to full participation in the program.                                             Also to make a lifestyle change & enjoy sport the sport of Disability Indoor Cricket.

Sport can have a positive impact on the lives of people with disabilities but many face challenges to getting involved in sport .Sport can play a key role in the lives and communities of people with disabilities, the same as it can for people without a disability. Within our local community.


There is a wealth of evidence to support participation in sport and physical activity for people with a disability concerning trends, barriers and benefits of participation. Over many years, studies have revealed that physical activity and sport participation result in improved functional status and quality of life among people with Intellectual disabilities additionally, sport and physical activity has been linked to improvements in self-confidence, social awareness and self-esteem and can contribute to empowerment of people with disabilities. Sport and physical activity has also been shown to improve physical fitness and general mood players with disability .Through a program of Active Inclusion many persons with Intellectual disabilities will experience the enjoy being part of a team  , for the very first time.


Policy, Practice and Future Priorities

Discourse on the use of sport as a tool to empower people with disabilities has encouraged significant policy developments. This discourse is also based on the practical experiences of those using sport and adapted physical activity with people with disabilities. Recommendations in this field have been developed and are included in this our upcoming programs.

Policy Development

A number of policies have had an impact on the area of providing sport for people with disabilities.

As we have our coaches fully accredited with Cricket Australia, our committee members are aware that we should implement policy that players, parents & support workers can work each other & continuing on of the success of Caboolture Disability Indoor Cricket Inc.

Tools and Practice

More and more coaching resources and materials are emerging that focus on including people with a disability in sport. Discover some basic principles of planning or conducting disability sport activities…

Future priorities

In addition to physical benefits, physical education and sport also have strong influences on inclusion through community building, character-building which leads to an Active inclusion for persons with a disability.